When you host an event at Parque you benefit from the planning expertise of Peachtree Catering & Events to assist you with all the details of your event.


Fabulous cuisine is handcrafted by boutique Peachtree Catering and Events. The kitchen sources its food from local farms and dairies and cooks all its food to order. Dishes are made from scratch — the potato chips, the rolls, the vinaigrettes, the sauces — using the freshest of ingredients. Menus are seasonal and customizable with a wide range of styles available in our repertoire, some in a classic style, others more on-trend. In addition, the kitchen is happy to discuss special requests — gluten-free, vegan, kosher, vegetarian. All of it is lovingly prepared and professionally served.

Take a moment to browse through additional images in the Peachtree Food or Cocktails galleries or Instagram page. Peruse other menus if you are planning an engagement party, at-home rehearsal dinner or any other celebration. Learn more about the company's history on the Peachtree website.

View a menu below or contact us to request the complete list of Peachtree's extensive repertoire of dishes.

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Nothing makes a party more festive than a fully stocked bar with special touches — local craft beers, wines hand-selected from small production wineries, seasonal specialty cocktail batched to order, and sparkling wines to toast special occasions.

You may like Tito's vodka or Macallan scotch, Yuengling or Jagermeister. You may not know much about the bar and rely upon us for guidance. Or, like some of our clients. you may be a brewmaster yourself. There's a wide world of choices out there and we're happy to provide guidance, or take our cues from you.

Most importantly, we make sure it all gets served. Because what point in selecting your favorites if you don’t have enough bartenders or bars? The ratio of staff to guests is as important as the ratio of Triple Sec to Tequila. And, if you choose that blush sparkling wine, you want to make sure it gets poured in time for the toasts.

Full-Service Planning

As boutique caterers we’re eager to know what is most important to you, and cater to your vision. Share your concerns (even your anxieties!) with us. This is a big day and you are investing in it — your time, your money, your emotions, your focus.  We take that seriously. We too will invest our time and attention on your party, and listen closely. It’s likely you’re doing this for the first time. Let us help you. Know that everyone’s planning journey is a little different!

We will take care of floor plans, timelines, seating charts, guests’ menu choices. In addition to the details, we will always consider the bigger picture so that your event flows beautifully and represents all that we’ve come to know about the intentions you’ve set forth for us.

On the day of your event we will be there to assist you with coordination and to work with your vendor team. The Peachtree staff are well-trained, polished and professional but also friendly. This is your day, and we are here to make sure it's perfect, everything you've imagined and more! 

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Special Events

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Preferred Vendors

A great vendor team can make all the difference! We take care in cultivating our relationships with our vendors,  all of us creating and thriving as a collaborative community. And we're happy to recommend vendors to you once we're familiar with your style, your personality and your budget.

After your vendor team is assembled we will coordinate closely with them — sharing timelines, floor plans, house rules, logistics — so your event goes smoothly.

We invite you to browse a list of some of the many talented vendors with whom we’ve had the privilege of working with over the years.

If you’ve discovered an up-and-coming vendor, please feel free to share as we always welcome new talent.

View Vendor List